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2 Things That Could Inspire Your Home's Interior Color Scheme

The colors you choose for your home's interior can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of the space. You can create a cozy, inviting atmosphere with the right color scheme. On the other hand, the wrong choice can lead to a space that looks cold and uninviting.

Fortunately, many things around your home help you choose the right colors. Here are a few of them.


Artwork in the home can provide a lot of inspiration when it comes to choosing the right color scheme. Using art pieces to build a color palette can be highly effective, as important visual elements will be present throughout multiple rooms and spaces.

When using artwork to influence color choices, consider the content and context of the piece. For example, a bright and vibrant painting may inspire your choice of wall colors in one area of the house. But if placed in another part of the home with different lighting, more muted tones may be necessary to create a cohesive atmosphere.

Take time to explore how the art interacts with its environment before making decisions on how to complement it through color.

Additionally, artwork can help dictate which painting techniques or accents should be used for walls. Detailed patterns or special textures can be used on walls or accessories that match the aspects of an art piece.

This technique helps tie together a space while still providing depth and dimensionality. It also allows for greater opportunities when playing around with various shades of color and ways to enhance focal points in any room.


Furniture can be a great asset when selecting the right colors for your home. Pieces like couches, tables, chairs, and other large furniture items act as focal points in any living space, so using their color schemes as a starting point for completing the overall design of a room can be incredibly beneficial.

When creating an atmosphere that works with the existing furniture pieces, consider matching primary colors from those items to wall paint. Light hues of yellow or blue on walls may complement wooden chairs or coffee tables while leaving enough room for accents and additional color themes throughout the house. This strategy can help make a room feel cohesive while adding texture and character.

In addition to creating balance through complementary colors, furniture can also emphasize unique features within a space. For instance, if there is an area rug with various tones of reds and blues in one living room, painting one of those two colors on the walls will help make the rug stand out even more.

You may also opt for softer shades that blend into the décor rather than standing out on their own. This strategy can provide contrast and settle muted hues throughout an area without detracting from existing furniture.

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