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3 Color Combinations That Will Make Your Home Look Dark And Dreary, and How to Fix Them

Color can be tricky. The right colors can brighten and widen a space, while the wrong colors can make a room feel small and cramped. Not only that, but certain color combinations can make a room feel dark and dreary.

If you're looking to paint your home and want to liven up your interior, here are three color combinations to avoid.

Gray and Brown

These two colors are often found in nature, and while they can be complementary, they can also make a space feel heavy and sad. They are both cool tones that lack brightness. To make matters worse, they can actually make a room feel smaller because they lack contrast.

Both colors hardly reflect any light, so a room painted with these colors can feel quite dark. If you want to paint your home gray or brown, make sure to use a lighter shade and pair it with white trim or furniture to brighten up the space.

You can also add a few pops of color to liven things up. Try using a brighter shade, like light gray or white. And if you want to use brown, try a warmer hue like beige or cream.

Black and White

While this classic color combination can be chic, it can also make a space feel cold and uninviting. The high contrast between black and white can create a stark look that is harsh on the eyes. It's important to remember that paint is not just about the color but also the finish.

A glossy black paint might reflect more light than flat black paint, but both will still absorb light, making the space feel dark. If you want to use black and white paint in your home, try using it sparingly as an accent color. You could also consider using different shades of gray to soften the look. Make sure you add splashes of color to break up the monotony.

Beige and White

While beige and white are both neutral colors, they can actually make a space feel quite bland. Beige can be flat and lifeless, while white can be stark and sterile. When used together, they can create a look that feels boring and uninspired.

If you want to create better contrast, try using a darker shade of beige or a creamier white. You can also include pops of color to further brighten up the space. Just make sure the colors you choose complement each other well. You want the space to feel cohesive, not uncoordinated and chaotic.

Consult a professional painting company and ask about the paint colors they recommend for a brighter interior. With their help, you can achieve the perfect balance of light and dark, color and neutrals, and contrast and cohesion.