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5 Preparatory Tips For Commercial Painting Projects

Businesses working with commercial painting contractors need to take lots of preparatory steps for their projects. If your operation is getting ready for commercial painting work, follow these 5 tips to ensure the job's success.


Even if you're running a single-location business, brand consistency matters. The colors the people see on your business cards or in your ads need to be the ones they see at your location.

The issue becomes even more important when dealing with national brands or franchises. Depending on how stringent the guidelines are, some franchising companies may compel you to correct the colors if they're wrong. Obtain the most recent specifications for the brand's colors so you can hand them to your commercial painting contractors. They can then match the colors to ensure the highest level of visual consistency.


A commercial painting business isn't going to perform extensive repairs in most cases. They can usually deal with small patches as long as those require fillers or light sanding. However, fixing deep stains, drywall holes, and other problems is usually going to be your responsibility.

Unless you're highly comfortable doing professional quality repair work, you should probably find appropriate contractors to effect fixes before bringing in a commercial painting crew. This will ensure that all surfaces will look as smooth and clean as possible.


Particularly if you want to keep your business open for at least some of the painting hours, scheduling is critical. You will need to zone off work areas and move shelves, furniture, and other objects out of the way to permit painting. Ideally, you can schedule the work for a down period, such as starting on a Friday night after your business closes for the weekend. Otherwise, you'll have to work closely with the commercial painting contractors to ensure the safety and quality of the work.


You should have the walls as clean as possible before the job. Professional cleaning teams can get dirt, grime, and even loose paint off of the walls. Not only will this better prepare the surface better for painting, but it might help you uncover potential repair or remediation issues before you have painters scheduled to visit.


Every project requires a staging area. This is a space that will allow commercial painting contractors to position equipment and supplies. Staging is especially important if the contractor needs to leave equipment and materials at the location to do several days of work. Do a walkthrough with the painting crew lead and agree on a staging area so you can clear it.

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