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Room By Room Tips For Paint Selection

When it comes to interior paint, the main decisions to make are the color and the finish. The room you are painting influences which paint to choose.


Bedrooms benefit from restful colors. Often, pastels are favored in rooms that need to be brightened, while darker colors may be suitable for larger, well-lit bedrooms. In children's rooms, you may want to go for brighter colors, such as sunny yellow or spring green, but avoid colors like bright reds and oranges as these aren't considered restful in a bedroom.

As for paint sheen, bedrooms are a good place to use mattes and low-gloss paints. You may want to opt for an eggshell or moderately gloss paint in children's rooms where dirt on the walls can be more of an issue.


Paint color in a bathroom depends mainly on your personal preferences. Some people prefer bright, happy colors in a bathroom, while others opt for peaceful and cleaner-looking lighter shades such as whites and light blues. The only real guideline is to choose lighter colors for small or windowless bathrooms to keep them from feeling too small.

Medium- to high-gloss paints are ideal in this room, as they are easy to wipe clean. Condensation or mildew stains can be a problem for flatter paint finishes.


Much like the bathroom, color primarily depends on your preferences. Generally, though, light and clean colors like white, light blue, and yellows are typically preferred in this space. The key is to choose a color that complements built-in features, such as counters, cabinet fronts, and backsplashes. It's easier to change the paint color than it is to replace these components.

This is another space where gloss paint is a must. Glossy finishes make it easy to wipe off food splatters and grease stains as they occur without damaging the paint.

Living Area

Your living room and den should be a place that feels welcoming, and paint plays a role. The general advice is lighter colors for small or dark living rooms and darker colors only for large rooms. This doesn't mean you can't have a dark color, though, as living rooms are great candidates for a darker accent wall in an otherwise lighter-colored room. 

Flat matte paints can seem dull on large living room walls, but eggshell or satin sheens look nice. Further, the light gloss of these finishes makes them easier to clean if fingerprints or dust is a concern.

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