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Upgrades To Consider Adding To Your Exterior Painting Service

Most home exteriors need be be painted from time to time. It's as much about maintenance and protection as it is about looks. If you're on a tight budget or in a hurry, a basic exterior painting service is all you really need. However, if you have a little more money to invest and want to get a bit more out of your exterior painting service, there are a few add-ons or upgrades to consider requesting.

Textured Paint

If the exterior of your home is starting to look a little rough and uneven, you may want to ask your painting service to use textured paint. They can either choose paint that comes pre-textured, or they may add a sand-like additive to the paint before they apply it to the outside of your home. Having somewhat textured paint, rather than completely flat paint, on the outside of your home will help hide these imperfections along with any future imperfections that might arise. 

Front Door Painting

While most exterior painting services do include painting the trim and door frames, they don't typically call for painting the front door itself. If your front door is looking a bit worse for wear, having it painted along with the home can breathe some new life into it. Even if you ultimately end up having the door replaced in a few years, the coat of paint can extend its life and make it look a little better in the meantime. Or, you can have the door painted an entirely new color, which will transform the look of your home dramatically. A navy blue home with a red front door looks very different from a navy blue home with a white front door, for instance!

Fence Painting

Some home painting companies, such as Joe Tamborra Painting Co., will also paint fences upon request. If your painting company is willing to do this, it's a good service to add on to your home exterior painting. Painting your fence will help protect it from insects, rot, and moisture damage. It will also ensure your fence continues to match your house, even once your house has been painted its new color. There's a lot to be said for color-coordinated facades!

Having the exterior of your home painted is an important maintenance task. Consider having a few other services or updates performed alongside basic painting, and you'll be even more pleased with the results.