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Does Your Fixer-Upper Need Major Renovations? Make Big Changes With Paint On Any Budget

It can be easy to see the potential in a home when you want to buy it, but coming up with the money for a full renovation and to make all the changes you want can be more difficult. If you are buying a home that needs a lot of updating and work but right now your budget will only allow you to do a few things, start with paint.

A change of paint color can go a long way inside and out, and walls are not the only things that you want to have done. Talk with a painting contractor about these options and changes to get the updated look you want, and then you can change other things down the road.

Start at the Top

Ceilings can look dingy over time with staining and may make the room look dark. Have the ceilings painted a very bright soft white to make the rooms in the house brighter. This will open up the spaces and help the rooms look clean.

Go Light and Neutral

For wall colors, light and neutral choices are the best. Choosing the right wall color can make the house look like a new build instead of an old fixer-upper. Pick modern options and pick a high-quality paint that will not scuff or rub off easily.

Do Cabinets and Trim

If you are unhappy with the cabinet color in the kitchen or the trim around the house, these can be painted or stained. If you want to do this, talk with the painters about:

  • Having everything sanded down
  • Choosing the best stain or paint
  • Removing and reusing the pieces without damaging the wood

You may decide that you want all the trim and door casings around the house to be white but that you want the kitchen cabinets to be stained.

You may even want to paint wood doors that are around the property or the vanities. Get a quote to paint all the different areas inside and out and make this the top priority when it comes to your budget and picking what you want to spend and where you can save.

Making these paint changes and detail alterations can help you feel like you are living in a new and modern home without needing to do major renovations. Start with paint when you buy your fixer-upper, and then you can go on from there.