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3 Minor Paint Projects That Can Have A Major Impact In Your Home

While some homeowners may invest in major paint projects that include the trim, walls, and ceilings, you may not want to do so much painting inside your house. However, if you are still interested in extensive change, you should hire interior painters to work on a few minor projects.

Bathroom Vanity

When you walk into the family bathroom, you may know that you do not want to change the functionality or features in the space. However, changing its appearance to suit your family's visual preferences is something that you may find worth doing. Focusing on the vanity area is an excellent move because you can change how several features look through painting alone.

For instance, this will allow you to take on projects such as painting the cabinetry and mirror frame. You can even paint other features such as the cabinet hardware, faucet, faucet handles, and lamp covers depending on their material and what colors you are most interested in. These are all minor projects that should not take too much time or demand that much paint usage.


As for the kitchen, you may find a lot of different features that you can paint to create a visual change in the room. The backsplash is a feature that you cannot go wrong with painting because it gives you a chance to change how the kitchen looks while also making the whole space more durable.

Going with a high-gloss paint is a strategic move because it will be much easier to clean when anything splashes onto the surface while you are cooking a homemade meal.


In the living room, you should consider painting your fireplace, especially if it functions as the focal feature. While the fireplace may not take up that much space in the living room, you can look forward to its color change making a huge difference in the room's appearance.

While it depends on your fireplace's construction, you may find that painting it yourself would be extremely challenging with all the little grooves that need to be painted precisely. This makes working with painters so beneficial and exciting since they will be able to provide great results.

Some homeowners may think that taking on several major paint projects is necessary to make substantial change inside your home. But, you can work on these minor projects with help from professional painters and get the noticeable results that you are looking to achieve. Contact a contractor who provides interior home painting services to learn more.