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When To Paint Your Home's Exterior

When you own a home, you want the home to look nice from the inside out. Along with keeping it clean and making sure the lawn is properly manicured regularly, there are other things you should be doing when needed. Some of these things aren't as easy as mopping the floor or mowing the lawn, but they are extremely important when it comes to keeping your home looking good. One of these things is making sure you know when the time has come to exterior house painting. When you see your home every day, you might overlook things like paint chipping away from the trim. This article will help you know when the right time has come to have the exterior painted, and also let you know when it is the best time of the year to have it painted.

You have the oldest paint job on your block

Take a moment to really pay attention to the houses on your block. Do you have the oldest paint job, or one the oldest? If so, then it's time for you to have your home painted. Not only will you like having the newest paint job on your block, but your neighbors will thank you too.

Your home stands out and not in a good way

If you can give someone directions to your home with things like, "It's the only bright white house on the street", "It's the house with the bright purple trim", or "You can't miss it", then this can be a sign you should have it painted. There are good reasons for a home to stand out, such as the home being the only two-story one on the street, it being the largest home on the street, or it's the home with the three-car garage. But, there are also things you don't want to stand out for and one of those things is a paint job that can capture someone's attention on Google Earth.

You see problem areas

Look at your home's exterior with fresh eyes. When you really look at your home's paint job, you might suddenly see a lot of problems with the current paint. If there is flaking in the trim, areas that can't be cleaned enough to remove all of the stains that come with age, or other areas where you see problems, then it's time to have it painted.

The right time to have the exterior painted

Once you want to have your home painted, you may want to done tomorrow. However, there are things to consider with this as well. You want the home painted during the right time of year. It can't be done in extremely cold or hot weather. Also, make sure you don't schedule the job during the rainy season. You also need to stay away from windy periods that can blow a lot of debris on the fresh paint.