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Run A Mall Store? 3 Ways To Improve Business With Painting Service

Malls are a great place to go for shoppers who have something in mind that they want to purchase or when they are in the mood to go shopping and are open to ideas. If you run a mall store, you may love seeing all the people walking around the mall while you are working.

In an ideal situation, these people will come into your store and make a purchase. However, just being present means that you have an opportunity to attract them inside. This makes it worth hiring professional painters to work on your store in an attempt to improve your business.

Striking Colors

When shoppers walk by, you want your store to grab their attention. Fortunately, you can accomplish this in many ways such as painting the interior in striking colors. While you may set up window displays and rotate new ones in often to keep things fresh, you should not hesitate to invest in other efforts that will increase the chance of bringing customers into your store.


If you have a certain paint color or finish in your store that you find difficult to keep clean, you will benefit from painting over it with a more durable color or finish. This will help you avoid the need to inspect the surface every day in case it gets dirty. For instance, if children come into the store often, all it may take is their hands getting on the wall to make noticeable dirt marks.

When a light-colored wall and a dark-colored wall pick up dirt and grime, you will find that the dark color looks cleaner. However, when you are determined to pick a light color, you should utilize a glossy finish that will make the surface a lot easier to scrub down and clean thoroughly.


While you can choose random colors that you think look good and put them on the walls, you should consider going with a theme. Creating a theme and executing it with help from professional painters can make it more enjoyable for shoppers to spend time in your store.

If you want to go for an intricate theme, you should not hesitate to go beyond solid-colored walls when stripes, polka dots, and other patterns are a viable option.

By using these tips, you can look forward to hiring painters to transform your mall store into one that has a better chance of bringing customers inside. Reach out to a commercial painting company near you to learn more.