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Getting Started With Spring To-Do Lists—Start With The Painting!

All winter, many homeowners begin putting together a spring to-do list. When the list gets too long, it can become overwhelming and cause you to put off many of those projects. Here, you'll find a few tips to help prevent the overwhelming urge to quit before you even get started.

Exterior Painting First

If you have exterior house painting on your to-do list for this spring, it should be one of the first things you schedule to have done. Why, you ask? Well, the earlier you can get to the house painting, the less vegetation there will be around the house to protect.

If you were to wait until mid-summer to paint the house, all of your flowers will have grown in and the trees and bushes will all have leaves on them—this will make it much more difficult to get the painting work done without getting paint on the plants and trees, or crushing the smaller flowers on the ground.

Window Cleaning

All of the grit and grime of winter will need to be washed off of the windows. If you wash the windows before you have the house painted, you're just going to have to do it again once the painting is complete. This is because the house will need to be cleaned before the painting can begin. So, all of the time that you would have spent cleaning the windows will be wasted.

Tip: To keep the windows clean longer, coat them with Rain-X or a similar product. These products seal the window up and cause the rain that hits it to roll off without leaving any streaks behind.

Mulch Placement

If you use mulch to finish the area around your house, there's one little thing that you should know about—Artillery Fungus. This fungus grows in aging mulch. As the sun heats the mulch, the fungus hiding in it heats up as well. Once it reaches a certain temperature, it explodes and sends tiny black specks into the air. These specks will land on anything, stick to it and cause tiny black spots to show up. These spots will come off of most surfaces with some work, but if it hits fabric, it will not come off.

To avoid artillery fungus from coating your freshly painted house with these black specks, don't use natural mulch—use synthetic, rubber mulch or opt for some sort of stone to finish the area.

You can get through the long to-do list. The key is planning it carefully so you don't have to repeat anything on the list because you messed it up doing something else.