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3 Painting Tricks For Interior Painting

Winter is a great time to paint the inside of your house. If you are going to repaint some of the rooms inside of your home this winter, here are a few tricks that will help ensure your interior painting project looks great.

#1 Know What Paint Is Already On Your Walls

Before you paint over the walls inside of your home, determine what type of paint is already on your walls. Determine if the paint on your walls is either oil- or latex-based.

To determine what type of base the existing paint is on your walls, put rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball. Take the cotton ball and rub it across a small portion of the wall. Then look at the cotton ball.

If paint transferred onto the cotton ball, the paint on your walls has a latex base. If there is no paint on your cotton ball, the paint on your walls has an oil base. If your paint has an oil base, apply an oil-based primer before painting your walls.

#2 Wrap Up Your Brushes and Rollers

It is not always possible to apply all the layers of paint in one go. If you are painting with latex paint, the paint takes a while to dry out. Instead of washing the brushes and rollers in between applying coats of paint to your walls, wrap them up with plastic wrap or inside of plastic bags and put them in your fridge. This will keep the paint on the brushes moist. When you are ready to paint again, pull out the brushes and rollers and give them an hour or so to warm up before you start painting.

#3 Fix Your Stirring Stick

You are going to want to stir your paint before you use it. This ensures the color is mixed together properly. Most stir sticks that paint stores give you are long and flat.

You are going to want to modify the stir stick in order to effectively mix the paint. Take a drill and drill a few holes into the stir stick. The holes will help add air to your paint and will ensure the paint mixes as evenly as possible.

Before you start painting, figure out what type of paint is already on your walls and use this information to purchase a primer that matches the type of paint that is already on your walls. Wrap up your brushes and rollers and put them in the fridge instead of washing them in between each coat when you are using the same paint colors. Add some holes to your stirring stick in order to evenly mix your paint.