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Protable And Compressor Sprayers

Are you thinking about painting your walls with a spray gun? Spraying is definitely the most effective way to get paint onto walls if you have the right tools and products. Obviously, when it comes to using a spray gun, there is a bit of a learning curve. Just about anybody can pick up a paintbrush and start to paint the walls, but it might take more practice to figure out how to use a pneumatic spray gun. First of all, you will either need to rent or buy a system, and each works a little differently. Second of all, setting up a spray gun to paint each day takes a little bit of time. But once you figure all this out, you can paint more effectively and time-efficiently. This article compares different types of spray gun systems, so it should be helpful if you are thinking about buying one for your paint job.

Portable Spray Systems

One of the modern advancements in spray gun technologies is the improved capabilities of portable systems. Portable systems, which are battery-powered rather than compressor-powered, are quite effective in a number of ways. First of all, modern guns have greater battery life, so you can paint for longer. Also, the spraying systems are more consistent, regardless of the battery levels.

Of course, there's always going to be a limit to how much you can paint at one time because of how much paint you can actually fit in the reservoir. When you have a portable unit, you often have to stop to refill the paint gun, and this is very time-consuming.

Since you aren't tethered to anything, you can easily paint from the top of a ladder, in small spaces, and in awkward angles.

Compressor Spray Systems

Compressor power and AC units definitely enable you to paint uninterrupted for longer periods of time. Basically, you can paint entire walls because you are drawing from a large paint reservoir. If you are just painting interior walls that are relatively flat and straightforward, a compressor system is going to be the most efficient. It really comes down to simply getting paint onto the walls in the quickest possible manner. Compressor units are the best bet for large jobs.

In conclusion, a portable spray gun might be better for small jobs or projects where you need to work in awkward positions and on top of ladders.

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