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Three Common Sources Of Damage To Exterior Paint

Exterior paint is one of the most important and noticeable features of your home. However, it is a common mistake for homeowners to fail to adequately care for their paint, and this can lead to the home's appearance deteriorating. Luckily, you might be better able to care for your paint after you have learned more about the common sources of damage that can be encountered.

Flying Debris

Airborne debris is a major source of damage to exterior paint. Often, homeowners will assume that strong storms will be the only source of these materials. However, there can be other sources of flying debris. In particular, lawn mowers can be particularly bad about sending small rocks or sticks flying into the sides of the home. Investing in a debris catcher for your lawn mower is essential for protecting the paint of your home. Furthermore, you may need to inspect the exterior of the home after any strong storms to make sure the house has avoided serious damage. Lastly, you should make it a point to pick up any branches that fall as these can easily become airborne again during a storm that has extremely high wind speeds.

Dirt And Algae

Dirt and algae are another source of serious wear and tear to exterior paint. These materials will prevent water from evaporating and can also release acidic byproducts that may be damaging to your paint. Regularly washing the exterior of your home is essential for removing these materials. In particular, you will want to pay special attention to the areas of your home that are predominantly in the shade as these will be the areas that are most prone to developing this problem. While you may assume that you will need to use a cleaning solution for this work, these substances can actually leave residues that may be sticky enough to cause dirt and other materials to become stuck to the paint. Rather, a high-pressure hose is the most effective option for cleaning dirt and algae from your home's exterior.


Intense sunlight can be another source of damage to your exterior paint. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done to mitigate this source of wear to paint. Rather, you will need to choose a type of paint that is formulated to reflect ultraviolet light. While this paint will be more expensive than traditional options, it will last for much longer before it starts to experience fading. 

Now that you are aware of these potential sources of damage to your home's paint, be sure to choose a good residential painting company to help you with your exterior paint. Most importantly, take steps to protect and prevent damage to your home's beautiful, new exterior paint once they have completed their work.