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Are You Having Kids Soon? Repaint Your Home With Their Unpredictability In Mind

In a home without children, you do not have to worry about certain features. For instance, you can have decorations in every nook and cranny knowing that they will not get knocked over. It is also easier to keep the paint and walls clean when living in an adult-only household. When you are about to have a child, you should consider a strategical painting plan with your kid in mind.

Dining Room

The dining room is where you may intend on eating most meals with your family. If you know that you will be feeding your child in this room while they grow up, you should expect things to get a little messy. It is easy to know that the flooring is at risk because food and drink will spill, but your child can also fling or throw food so far that it can reach the walls quite easily.

Instead of using flat paint in the dining room or going for a light paint color, you may want to invest in painting that will minimize the impact of a food or liquid spill on the walls. This means that darker colors such as blue or brown will work best while still fitting with most styles.

Living Room

If you intend on spending a lot of time with your family at home, the living room may become one of the most-used spaces. It is ideal when you are able to situate the furniture in a way to keep your child away from the walls, but this is not always a possibility. So, one way that you can minimize their impact on your walls is to make the accent wall on the side where your child has no access.

Then, you can paint the rest of the walls with a finish that is easy to clean. You may even want two-toned walls where one color is on the bottom half and the other is at the top half. This will make it possible to add a light paint color to the room without sacrificing cleanliness.


The walls in your child's bedroom may not be at risk of getting dirty while they are extremely young, but it will eventually get to a point where they are roaming around the room.

If you want to give your child the freedom to choose their bedroom's paint color when they are old enough, you can start with a light color such as white or beige that is easy to paint over. It will be easy to maintain if you pick a glossy finish such as high gloss, eggshell, or satin.

Kids are unpredictable, but you can keep your walls clean with professional painting service. Check out websites like http://yu1paintingco.com/htm/main.htm for more information.