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Tips For Choosing The Best Time To Paint Your House

If your house needs to be painted inside and out, it's time to start planning for it in advance. While painters can work inside during all months of the year, the outside of your home is a different story. The weather plays a big role in how well exterior paint adheres and dries. Here are a few tips for scheduling the best time to paint your home:

Warm Weather Is Best For Painting

Paint manufacturers have a minimum temperature warning on their products. It varies according to the quality of the paint, but all paint has to be applied above freezing temperatures. Depending on the paint that's used, your home may need to be painted when the temperature lows are above 35-50 degrees. Since it takes paint several hours to completely dry, it's best to apply it when the low temperature at night is above the target range too. This eliminates the winter season for exterior painting in many locations. To make sure the weather cooperates, you may want to schedule painting for late spring, summer, or early fall. One advantage of waiting until early autumn is that the temperature range between the high and low for the day is usually not as wide as it can be other times of the year. It's best to avoid painting during months when it is hot during the day and then very cold at night.

Dry Weather Is Essential

No matter what month you pick for painting, the weather must be dry. This can make it tricky to have your home painted in the spring when it rains often. Painters can't work in the rain, and you must also allow a full day for your home to dry off after it rains. A long rainy season could delay your paint job. Rain isn't the only form of moisture that affects painting. High humidity in the summer, as well as dew in the early mornings, can interfere with painters' plans. Late summer or early fall could be the best time to consider having your house painted since there is usually less chance of rain that time of year.

Painters can paint your house any season as long as the temperatures are warm enough and your house is dry. If you wait to schedule your work until the last minute, you may have difficulty booking a painter during the more convenient but busy summer season. It may be easier to find an opening during the early spring or late fall although you may run into more weather delays. Booking your time with the painter in advance ensures you'll get a time slot that's most convenient for your schedule.

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